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CEO Message


JoPACC firmly believes that The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan deserves to pave the way for digital payments innovations in the region, which aligns with His Majesty’s King Abdullah II’s vision for the Reach 2025 initiative towards a digital economy that empowers people, sectors and businesses to raise productivity and ensure growth and prosperity, creating a highly attractive business destination for investments and international partnerships. As does JoPACC’s main strategy that focuses on Access, Quality, and Usage in addition to the future payment systems needs of the economy, as well as reducing cash usage and promoting a digital economy by capitalizing on the currently-developed payments infrastructure in the Kingdom, to reach our high-level goal of comprehensive and innovative digital payments benefiting all and contributing to the financial inclusion in the Kingdom and to achieving a digital economy.

The national high-level Financial Inclusion goals of the NFIS (National Financial Inclusion Strategy 2018-2020) are to:

  Increase the level of financial inclusion from 33.1% in terms of account ownership by the adult population in 2017 to 41.5% by 2020.

  Reduce the gender gap from 53% to 35%.

In order to achieve our high-level goal, and our vision of promoting digital payments as a major driver of digital financial inclusion, and digital economy, JoPACC has set a strategic framework that focuses on increasing usage, adoption, and access to the digital payments for all participants within the ecosystem. It also focuses on improving the Kingdom’s infrastructure of the digital platforms and products, all in compliance with the regulations and international standards to enhance safety, security, and efficiency, and data protection and privacy, with a comprehensive risk management and mitigation plan that will enhance the adoption and scale up digital payments in the Kingdom.

Jordan Payments & Clearing Company
Maha M. Bahou