ACH - Automated Clearing House System

Launch Date: October 2016
System Participants: Banks 
Key Service: Low-value debit and credit money transfers


The Automated Clearing House system (ACH) was launched on the 30th of October 2016 as a safe payment system that aims at providing banks, the Central Bank of Jordan, in addition to their customers with retail payment services that facilitate and accelerate the execution of numerous, yet, low-value debit and credit money transfers. 

The ACH system processes the following types of operations:

 Credit transfers from one member to another, where transfers include

  • Payments of credit card bills
  • Regular payments
  • Salary payments
  • Retirement payments
  • IPO membership fees in addition to others

 Debit transfers, which are divided into the following

  • Direct mandatory debit transfers
  • Direct debit transfers
  • Pre-mandated debit transfers
  • Cancelling debit and credit transfers by the sending member
  • Returning debit and credit transfers
  • Reverse transfers

 Non-financial messages, which include

  • Query messages about current liquidation balance
  • Query messages about the status of a file/payment/transfer
  • Messages requesting the change of the limit of debit
  • Messages to monitor transfers
  • Circular messages issued by the Central Bank of Jordan to the members

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