Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System

Launch Date: June 2014
System Participants: Billing entities of all types 
Key Service: Instant payment for bills and services


eFAWATEERcom is an electronic system for the presentment and payment of bills. The system was launched in 2014 and is regarded as one of the most advanced systems that drive the expansion of digital payments in Jordan. By enabling the instant payment for bills and services, eFAWATEERcom has transformed the user experience in payments and exponentially saved users time, effort, and costs in paying their bills and receiving services. It aims to transform society from a paper-based and cash-based society to a digital one, reducing expenses and bringing societal and economic benefits.

The system facilitates and accelerates the bill payment process through different payment channels, including bank branches, ATMs, mobile banking, internet banking, mobile wallets, Jordan post offices, kiosks, and agents. eFAWATEERcom is integrated into mobile wallet and bank applications, where payment for bills and services can be made instantly, and the amount is deducted from the bank account or mobile wallet account. Payments can also be made through bank tellers, agents, post offices, and booths, noting that a commission is added to cash-based payments, making online payments cheaper for users.

eFAWATEERcom integrates with billers; entities that issue bills and receive payments for a wide range of services, all of which can be paid around the clock using eFAWATEERcom. eFAWATEERcom has over 406 billers and 1195 services. All government services paid for through eFAWATEERcom are commission-free if paid online, meaning that users pay the amount of the bill without any added fees. As for other services, the commission varies depending on the biller and the service type.



Now Available


Now Available


JoPACC owns the system, and its operation is outsourced to Madfooatcom.

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