Mobile Wallets Gateway

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 in Jordan, the Central Bank of Jordan took a key step to facilitate the uptake of mobile wallets and allowed online self-registration to enable access to financial services and reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 through contaminated cash. Moreover, the Government of Jordan adopted mobile wallets for aid disbursement and salary payment, and in two months nearly half a million wallets were opened in the kingdom. To enable access to services and information on mobile wallets from one portal, JoPACC launched the Mobile Wallets Gateway (

The Gateway acts as a directory of various information both for clients of mobile wallets, and for prospective clients as well. It allows access to the self-registration links of all mobile wallet providers. It also provides information on their contact details. Furthermore, it details the transactions fees for the different transaction types charged by each payment service provider.

To raise the financial awareness of users, the Gateway offers information on what a mobile wallet is, the use cases of a wallet, and includes a demo wallet interface that familiarizes users with the interface of a wallet and its services, by allowing them to explore the general customer journey of different wallet functions. The gateway also includes a comprehensive list of all the mobile money agents around the kingdom, giving users a consolidated understanding of the service provider’s presence in their proximity.

Another key feature of the Gateway is enabling inquiry on registered wallets by users directly. The inquiry engine asks users to provide some identification information and upload their identification document, and it informs them of any wallets registered under their national numbers and with which service providers, using OCR to verify submitted information. The inquiry engine receives thousands of inquiries on a daily basis and has helped users identify any wallets they owned before.


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