oPACC signs an MOU with NaiTel to Expand Access to JOIN Fincubator Programs to Residents in the South of Jordan

JoPACC signs an MOU with NaiTel to Expand Access to JOIN Fincubator Programs to Residents in the South of Jordan 


As part of the ongoing efforts to enable innovation and entrepreneurship, empower creative ideas, and expand learning and development opportunities across the Kingdom, the Jordan Payments and Clearing Company "JoPACC" represented by its CEO, Ms. Maha Bahou, and Aqaba Digital Hub’s telecom arm, NaiTel, represented by its CEO, Engineer Eyad Abu Khorma, signed a memorandum of understanding in Aqaba aimed at providing opportunities for the people of the South to participate in the programs offered by JoPACC’s “JOIN Fincubator.” According to the agreement, JoPACC will offer specialized programs and activities through JOIN Fincubator, including a research program, a training program, a start-up Program, and a "Hackathon". NaiTel, on the other hand, will commit to providing the venue, space, and its services such as infrastructure and hosting services to participants during the programs and activities. Additionally, NaiTel will provide technical consultation and advice to entrepreneurs and start-ups.  

The agreement was signed in the presence of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) Chief Commissioner H.E. Mr. Nayef Al-Fayez, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan Dr. Khaldoun Al-Wishah, Aqaba Development Company CEO Mr. Hussein Al-Safadi, ASEZA’s Commissioner of Youth and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Ramzi Al-Kabariti, and in the presence of a number of university officials and official media. 

For her part, Ms. Maha Bahou stated that the signing of this important agreement came from JoPACC's firm belief in the capabilities of the youth and the need to provide them with the necessary knowledge to overcome challenges and unlock their creative and innovative potential. Ms. Bahou additionally stressed the importance of empowering the governorates of the South in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan by offering specialized programs targeting different segments and target audiences, including university students, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to help them develop their ideas, innovations, and projects related to fintech. 

Mr. Abu Khorma stressed the importance of this agreement, which falls in line with the company's mission to develop the talents and capabilities of students, entrepreneurs, and startups in Aqaba and the southern regions. He added that NaiTel and Aqaba Digital Hub stand ready to provide their advanced infrastructure in the city of Aqaba to serve all national projects that contribute to the development of the ICT sector in the Kingdom.  

Founded in November 2022, JOIN Fincubator aims to contribute to the realization of the Economic Modernization Vision and JoPACC’s objectives to enable fintech start-ups and entrepreneurs to provide innovative financial products and services that ease digital transformation, increase financial inclusion, and achieve a sustainable digital economy. JOIN Fincubator also strives to embrace innovators and entrepreneurs and enable them to test and develop their fintech products and services and facilitate access to infrastructure, expertise, partnerships, markets, and finance. JOIN Fincubator notably encompasses a virtual test environment equipped with specialized systems providing a test environment that mimics a real environment, thus allowing participants to inspect and test their innovations comprehensively. JOIN Fincubator additionally provides a range of various training courses offered by experts and facilitates access to potential investors to allow participants the opportunity to launch their innovations in the local, regional, and global markets.