What is JoPACC?

Jordan Payments & Clearing Company (JoPACC) is a Private Company -Limited by shares- that was established in 2017 and is based in Amman – Jordan. JoPACC has three main areas of work: operating and enhancing payment systems, investing in innovative solutions to enhance financial services, and knowledge management and business analytics.

Who owns JoPACC?

JoPACC is owned by the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) with a share of %45, and all 21 banks operating in the Kingdom with a total share of 55%. Shareholding may include non-bank insitutions in the future when CBJ decides to divest its share and exit the company.

What payment systems does JoPACC own?
  • Jordan Mobile Payment Switch (JoMoPay)
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System (eFAWATEERcom)
  • Automated Clearing House System (ACH)
  • Electronic Cheque Clearing System (ECC)
  • Instant Payment System (CliQ)

What payment systems does JoPACC operate?
  • Jordan Mobile Payment Switch (JoMoPay)
  • Automated Clearing House System (ACH)
  • Electronic Cheque Clearing System (ECC)
  • Instant Payment System (CliQ)

Who are the members of JoPACC's Board of Directors?
  • Chairman: H.E Dr. Adel AlSharkas - (Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan)
  • Dr. Khaldoun AlWishah - (Central Bank of Jordan)
  • Ms. Randa Sadek - (Arab Bank)
  • Mr. Ammar Al-Safadi - (Housing Bank)
  • Mr. Samer Al Aloul- (Capital Bank of Jordan)
  • Mr. Kamal Albakri - (Cairo Amman Bank)
  • Mr. Heathum AlButtikhi - (Jordan Kuwait Bank)
  • Mr. Muntaser Dawwas- Invest Bank
  • Dr. Hussein Said Saifan - (Jordan Islamic Bank)
  • Mr. Ceasar Qulajen - (Jordan Commercial Bank)
  • Dr. Ahmad Al-Hussein - (Jordan Ahli Bank)

What is JoMoPay?

JoMoPay stands for (Jordan Mobile Payment) and is an electronic payment system that enables mobile wallet transactions. Mobile wallets are electronic financial accounts that can be accessed and used through a mobile application. System participants are licensed mobile Payment Service Provides (mPSPs), who offer mobile wallet services to their clients.

What services does JoMoPay offer?
  • Fund transfer through mobile wallets
  • ATM Cash-in/ Cash-out operations
  • Bill payment through the connection with the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System (eFAWATEERcom)
  • Mobile payment through the use of USSD messages technology

Which companies offer mobile wallets in Jordan?

There are 8 companies that offer mobile wallets, which can be reached on the following numbers:

  • Aya Pay: 06-5509292
  • Dinarak: 0795087460
  • Gadha: 06-2004717
  • Mared: 0791041044
  • National Wallet: 06-5002250
  • Orange Money: 0777700141
  • UWallet: 0788001400
  • Zain Cash: 0791444100

Who can open a mobile wallet?

Anyone with a mobile phone subscription on a Jordanian mobile network can register a mobile wallet, including Jordanians, non-Jordanian residents, tourists, and refugees. Minors (under the age of 18 years old) can also have an account, but only through their guardian.

Are there any transaction limits on JoMoPay services?

Yes, there are transaction limits set by the Central Bank of Jordan for each transaction as per the below:

- 2000 JODs per transaction Deposit
500 JODs per transaction with a monthly limit of 5,000 JODs 

From shops and agents 2000 JODs/transaction

From ATM network 500 JODs/transaction

500 JODs per transaction with a monthly limit of 2,000 JODs 1000 JODs per transaction Purchase
- 500 JODs from person to person Money Transfer
- 1000 JODs per transaction Bill Payments
1000 JODs per day 1000 JODs per day Online Shopping

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