Digital Experiments


Digital experiments are interventions in the current business, awareness, or communication strategies governing digital financial services. To ensure that strategic or development decisions are well-informed, digital experiments put claims and theories to the test and study the impact of various interventions on the uptake of digital financial services. JoPACC conducts surveys, observational and experimental studies in partnership with providers of digital financial services and other sector players, aiming to better understand the service offering and customer experience and identify any gaps or challenges, and areas of improvement. JoPACC employs lessons learned from experiments in providing recommendations to the financial sector and distributes these educational results to the local community for public benefit.

The ultimate aim of Digital Experiments is to extract and disseminate knowledge from the market, to reverse this drift between the service provider and the consumer, in the hopes of the former offering products and services that will better meet the needs of the latter. This leads to promoting digital financial services and achieving financial inclusion.

Digital Experiments are implemented with several partners each time who agree on the nature of the intervention and contribute to its execution over a set period of time. All experiments entail monitoring the impact of the intervention by tracking the user behavior pre, during, and post-intervention and analyzing the results, and publishing the recommendations and findings to sector players and the general public. All interventions are focused on the offering of digital financial services through the various payment systems owned and operated by JoPACC. The experiments target a different society segment each time, from women, youth, specific service users to refugees, and stretch over different geographical locations in Jordan. The duration of an experiment can range from at least four months to ten months.


JoPACC has conducted the following experiments so far as per the following:


Experiment Focus
Target Group  

Loyalty Program for mobile money users



Zain Cash


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Digitizing the payment and repayment of microloans

East Amman


UWallet & the National Microfinance Bank


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Onboarding Palestinian refugees to mobile wallets

Gaza Camp- Jerash

Refugee Women

SEP, Orange Money & Madfooatcom


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