JoPACC participates in JOITED Forum and Exhibition at Expo 2020 Dubai and presents its eKYC solution

JoPACC participates in JOITED Forum and Exhibition at Expo 2020 Dubai and presents its eKYC Solution



In line with its commitment to support the development of the IT sector and the expansion of entrepreneurship in Jordan, and with its eyes set on sharing Jordanian success stories internationally, JoPACC supported the Jordan Innovation, Tech, and Entrepreneurship “JOITED” Event at Expo 2020 Dubai and took part in its Forum and its 4-day Exhibition that was held in the Jordanian Pavilion at the Expo. JOITED was organized by the ICT Association in Jordan “Intaj” in partnership with the Ministry of Investment, the Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship (MODEE), and Jordan Business Council Dubai (JBC).

Attended by government officials and leaders in the IT and financial sectors, the JOITED Forum tapped on digital innovation opportunities in Jordan while highlighting governmental efforts to drive digital transformation and shedding light on public and private sector collaboration. It has further looked into Fintech developments, the adoption of emerging technologies, and talents leading innovation in the Jordanian market. Ms. Maha Bahou, CEO of JoPACC, was a panelist in a session on Fintech developments and provided insights on the expansion of Fintech-based digital payment solutions that are increasing the uptake of financial services and thus contributing to the increase of financial inclusion in Jordan.

The 4-day JOITED Exhibition hosted Jordanian companies and start-ups from various sectors who exhibited their latest innovative solutions. From its side, JoPACC presented its electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) solution that is under development and will be launched end of 2022. The solution allows financial consumers to onboard to financial services digitally and remotely, paving the way for the provision of digital financial identity in Jordan. Exhibition visitors had the chance to use a demo ID to onboard to the eKYC platform, where biometric recognition features were employed to validate and authenticate ID holders. JoPACC has further exhibited visual content that narrates the journey of the financial ecosystem in Jordan from its inception until today with an outlook towards the future.