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JOIN Fincubator (The Jordan Innovation Fintech Incubator), a unit that is fully owned and operated by the Jordan Payments and Clearing Company (JoPACC), was established with a commitment to modernizing Jordan's economy and leading digital transformation across its sectors. Continuous efforts paved the way for the foundation of JOIN Fincubator; starting with the remarkable strides led by JoPACC and its strategic partner the Central Bank of Jordan, to digitize payments and financial services in Jordan, making them available around the clock, and introduce innovative financial solutions to the financial ecosystem, transforming the financial experience of individuals and businesses. 

The Information Technology sector also played a vital role in this transformation enabling advanced and solid tech solutions to increase the efficiency and reliability of operations, products, and services in the kingdom, positively impacting residents' lives and contributing to advancing financial inclusion in Jordan. Furthermore, in 2022, His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein directed the development and launch of the Economic Modernization Vision, which aims to make the Kingdom’s economy an enabling, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient one, bringing empowering opportunities to people, entrepreneurs, and enterprises alike. This vision specifically identified financial services, and fintech in particular, as one of its key enablers for the Jordan of the future. 

Today, JOIN Fincubator is a one-of-a-kind fintech incubator, enabling Jordanian entrepreneurs, financial institutions, and students to flourish with their innovative fintech concepts by providing them with access to a multitude of services, varying from access to infrastructure, expertise, and partnerships to access to finance and markets. JOIN Fincubator’s unique value proposition resides in enabling the testing of fintech ideas and innovations using dedicated infrastructure owned, managed, and operated by JoPACC, thus providing access to tools and instruments like Open APIs, that help entrepreneurs ideate, validate, and create their innovative products and solutions. Additionally, JOIN Fincubator is further partnered with The Jordan Regulatory Sandbox (Jo Reg Box), where the Central Bank’s role as a regulator comes into play by ensuring that security, consumer protection, and risk management are aligned with the creative drive of entrepreneurs, allowing innovation and protection to go hand in hand.

JOIN Fincubator’s programs are expected to be operational by the first quarter of 2023. 



Provide Access to Infrastructure: JOIN Fincubator believes that the development and management of digital financial infrastructure are critical for the modernization of Jordan’s digital financial services landscape, enabling efficient investment in centralized infrastructure and reducing the duplication of investments and efforts, promoting interoperability. Bearing in mind the value gained by all financial institutions from such access to infrastructure, JOIN believes in extending the value to fintech innovators and entrepreneurs.  As such, JOIN has worked on acquiring critical platforms, systems, and data, that individuals or entities may not be able to obtain alone. All of JOIN’s participants are allowed to access this digital financial infrastructure to accelerate and enable their fintech innovations.  

Provide Access to Expertise: JOIN Fincubator capitalizes on its connections across the public and private sectors in Jordan and the international community by facilitating access to expertise and knowledge for all its program participants. JOIN’s available expertise and knowledge programs and services include the following: JOIN’s Mentorship Program, JOIN’s Expert Services, JOIN’s Regulatory Consultancy and Certification in partnership with Jo Reg Box, JOIN’s Lecture Series, in addition to JOIN’s Entrepreneurs’ office hours. 

Provide Access to Partnerships: All of JOIN Fincubator’s participants are granted access to strategic partnership opportunities with several different institutions, such as banks and financial institutions, global financial innovation organizations, local and international accelerators/incubators, and academic institutions and think tanks. This allows the participants to strengthen their capacity and raise their visibility while making vital connections and collaborations that could turn into long-term relationships. 

Provide Access to Markets: JOIN Fincubator believes that markets are the only true test of a business’ desirability, viability, and feasibility. While it offers the tools to predict the success of such factors better, the reality is that success can only be achieved in the real market. When it comes to the local market, JOIN facilitates the interaction of its innovators with industry representatives to assist them in capturing opportunities and scaling for success. As for access to regional and international markets, it collaborates closely with other fintech enablers in different regions and jurisdictions to offer its cohorts the opportunity to export their innovative products and services. This way, JOIN ensures entry barriers to critical markets are broken down, and they limit the exportation of Jordanian talent. 

Provide Access to Finance: It goes beyond saying that JOIN Fincubator’s participants need some form of grant or investment to secure and fund their innovations. Through JOIN’s reputable connections in the banking and investment world, it provides its innovators with a platform where they can meet potential investors and venture capitalists who might be interested in their products and services. Through JOIN’s Mentorship Program and JOIN’s Expert Services, it helps all its participants to prepare robust business plans that they can confidently pitch to secure funding. 


Target Audience

Fintech Start-ups and Entrepreneurs: JOIN Fincubator aims to empower fintech start-ups and entrepreneurs to utilize and seed Jordan’s digital financial infrastructure, contributing to the national journey towards a digital economy. JOIN is committed to helping fintech start-ups and entrepreneurs find funding and partners, access information and cutting-edge infrastructure, and penetrate markets.  

Financial Institutions and Corporates: JOIN Fincubator strives to enable financial institutions and corporates to create, develop, and adopt new innovative digital financial products and services in an agile way, allowing for increased interoperability and accessibility of financial services, all while decreasing the cost required to access them. 

Students and Academic Institutions: JOIN Fincubator seeks to increase the research interest of students and academic institutions in fintech-related topics. Thus, they refine the learning experience of students by providing a practical knowledge hub, which increases their capacity for innovation and development, and reduces the barriers to interactive learning opportunities. 

Grantmakers and Investors: JOIN Fincubator aspires to attract more fintech investments to Jordan by increasing the trust and appetite of investors in local fintech start-ups. Through JOIN’s investor-focused programs, it matches grantmakers with suitable start-ups that align with each other’s objectives, creating a win-win scenario for both parties involved. 

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