Organizational Structure

JoPACC's organizational structure can be deemed to have two distinct areas: the first is dedicated to the implementation of its strategy, which is endorsed by its Board of Directors. This function comprises several departments, each specializing in one area of JoPACC's operations and developments. In engaging with these areas, these departments bring to life JoPACC's strategy in all of its strategic objectives and goals. These units include:

  • Administration Department, managing human resources, logistics, and general administration
  • Finance Department, managing the company's financials and payments
  • Knowledge Management and Business Analytics Department, focusing on extracting and disseminating knowledge across the organization and the market
  • Project Management Office, supporting the implementation and completion of projects across several functions at the company
  • Business Development & Operations Department, focusing on managing and operating JoPACC's core payments infrastructure in addition to enhancing and expanding JoPACC's solutions, products, and platforms
  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Department, regularly analyzing system data and extracting insights that feed the decision-making process internally and externally
  • IT and Software Development Department, focusing on developing internal technology solutions for JoPACC's payments infrastructure and providing technical support 
  • Network and Infrastructure Department, focusing on developing and maintaining JoPACC's technical infrastructure and assets securely
  • Information & Cyber Security Department, ensuring the security and confidentiality of information and data held by JoPACC
  • Fintech & Innovation Hub, which incubates and accelerates Fintech innovations and provides a regulatory sandbox for testing financial services

The second function represents the internal oversight function at JoPACC. These functions have direct access to the BoD and ensure that JoPACC's daily operations are conducted safely. These units include:

  • The Internal Audit Department, independently assessing the company's financial, technical, and business processes and policies
  • The Risk Management Department, enacting JoPACC's risk policies and processes and ensuring maintenance with the risk appetite levels endorsed by the BoD
  • The Compliance Department, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations and standards applicable to JoPACC