JoPACC Recognizes Three Champions as part of the first cycle of its DFS Champions Program

JoPACC Recognizes Three Champions as part of the first cycle of its DFS Champions Program



Following the launch of its DFS Champions program in March 2021, JoPACC has announced the selection of three individuals (champions) as part of its first cycle for the year 2021. The program aims to recognize change-makers -champions- who contribute to the expansion and acceptance of digital financial services. The targeted champions can be community members or employed workers who are proactively taking the initiative to assist digital financial services users, spread awareness, or implement innovative ideas to increase the acceptance of digital financial services and ultimately increase financial inclusion in the kingdom.

The selection of champions is conducted through a nomination process by all sector players and stakeholders, followed by an evaluation process by JoPACC of all nominations against clear criteria leading to the selection and announcement of winning champions. In its first cycle, JoPACC received over 30 applications from sector stakeholders for potential champions. Following the review of the received applications, JoPACC recognized three champions. Of these, two champions were within the sector champions category: Ms. Khawla Abu Sarara and Ms. Cyrine Al Mousa, and one was within the community champion category: Ms. Basma Al Zube

Ms. Khawla Abu Sarara
Director of Studies at the National Aid Fund (NAF)
Sector Champion

As part of her work for NAF, Khawla took a leading role in expanding the utilization of digital financial services in aid disbursements. This was especially the case during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the government’s aid programs were expanded and distributed through mobile wallets and basic bank accounts as there was no other means of distributing aid. Khawla’s primary motivations for the integration of Digital Financial Services into the disbursement of aid came from a desire to ensure a dignified experience for the aid recipient and increased transparency. She highly values the humanitarian benefits of digitalization of financial services and financial inclusion. She also expressed her gratitude for being named a digital champion, adding that this recognition has further motivated her and filled her with joy.

Ms. Cyrine Al Mousa
Access to Finance Officer at Mercy Corps
Sector Champion

Cyrine worked closely with community-based organizations in several governorates as part of the Water Innovation Technologies Project of Mercy Corps. The project aimed to enable revolving loans to households through community-based organizations. Cyrine trained CBOs on the use of mobile money and followed up on their access to loans. With the positive reaction of CBOs to mobile money, she decided to lead the expansion of their role in digital financial services. She connected them with mobile payment service providers who contracted them as mobile money agents. She further provided 24/7 support to CBOs and offered awareness and training to them on a regular basis. Her efforts bore fruit during the COVID-19 pandemic, which stimulated the expansion of the use of mobile money beyond the loan program that was managed by Cyrine’s project. Cyrine said this honor was unexpected and has truly touched her and charged her with more energy to expand awareness efforts and maximize the impact of the work done.

Ms. Basma Zubaidi
A community trainer with the Jordan River Foundation
Community Champion

Ms. Basma has risen in her community as an influencer and motivator for female economic empowerment. She has been involved in multiple financial literacy campaigns with various organizations, including the Queen Rania Family and Child Center and JoPACC. Furthermore, she has taken up the personal endeavor of assisting women throughout her community in navigating the digital financial services sphere. Ms. Basma aspires to be a recognized financial literacy instructor for a variety of institutions to be able to reach a wider audience. On being recognized as a Champion, Ms. Basma expressed her happiness and appreciation, which has energized her to further her efforts.


On her part, Ms. Maha Bahou, CEO of JoPACC, expressed her sheer gratitude to the champions for their noteworthy efforts in furthering Digital Financial Services and increasing Financial Inclusion. More specifically, she articulated JoPACC’s appreciation of such efforts and individuals, noting that they have inspired us all to work harder and with more passion. Ms. Maha ended by encouraging the champions to continue their exceptional work and lead the sector into an inclusive digital economy.